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Cookie Policy


​In this policy, where we say ‘cookies’ it can also mean other software that collects data while you use our website.
The data we collect will be held by Allium Lending Group and we use this data to:

•    Protect you from fraud and keep improving security;
•    Study how people use our website, so we can improve them;
•    Decide which of our products, services and offers may be relevant for you;
•    Tailor the marketing you see on social media and other websites.

We may share this data with other companies in the Group. We also share some data with outside organisations. You can find out more about how we share data – and who we share it with – in our Privacy Notice.

We do not sell data to organisations outside our Group.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that we put on your computer or mobile device if you consent to them. These cookies allow us to distinguish you from other users of the website which helps us to provide you with a good experience when you browse our website and allows us to improve our site.

We use two types of cookie on our website:

Session Cookies

Our website uses a single session cookie only as required to ensure the correct functionality of the site’s technical features (such as online forms).

This session cookie is automatically generated by the server software that this site relies on and contains no information that can be used to identify you.

The cookie is destroyed upon exiting your browser or on the expiry of your user session.

Persistent Cookies

We use Google Analytics to monitor and review our website traffic. This enables us to identify how our website is used and to make changes to improve your online experience.

Google Analytics requires the use of persistent cookies to monitor traffic. This cookie tracks anonymous data and does not identify or capture any personal information.

We also use a persistent cookie to identify whether you have already clicked to consent to cookies on our website. This means we can hide the cookie acceptance notice from you on future visits. This cookie is stored in a file on your computer for 365 days before being deleted .

First and third-party cookies

Whether a cookie is first or third-party depends on where it comes from.

First party cookies are set by websites you go to.

Third party cookies are set by outside organisations. For instance, you may be on a website that has ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ buttons for social network sites. If you click one, the social network site will put a ‘third party’ cookie on your device. That cookie may then collect data about you and send it to them too. You will need to set your privacy choices on their site, to tell them how they can use your data.

We use our own cookies and others from companies we work with such as social media, search engines and other advertising networks.

Essential cookies and cookies you can choose

Different types of cookies do different jobs on our website. Some are needed to make the website work. We need your consent to use others that are not essential. You can change your choices at any time. Just click the ‘Cookies’ link at the end of any page:

Strictly Necessary  

These cookies are needed to run our website, to keep it secure if you are logged on and to comply with any regulations that apply to us. If you are a customer, they help us know who you are so that you can log on and manage your accounts. They also help us keep your details secure.

Other important jobs they do are:

– Help you move around the site;
– Tell us if you’ve been to it before and which pages you went to;
– Tell us how the site is working, so we can find and fix any problems.    You can’t turn off these cookies


 These cookies are used for remembering things like:

– Your user ID on the log on page;
– Your region or country;
– Your preferred language;
– Accessibility options like large font or high contrast pages.    You can’t turn off these cookies


These cookies tell us how you and our other customers use our website. We combine all this data together and study it.


This helps us to:

– Improve the performance of our services;
– Improve the products we provide.    We will ask for your consent for use of these cookies


These cookies help us decide which of our products, services and offers may be relevant for you.

We may use this data to tailor the marketing and ads you see on our own and other websites, including social media. For instance, you may see our ads on other sites after you have been to our website.

If you turn off marketing cookies, you will still see ads online, but they will not be tailored to things that may interest you.    We will ask for your consent for use of these cookies

Use of Cookies on our site.

By using our website, you give us your consent and accept the use of cookies as described in this policy, in addition to any other terms and conditions that may apply. We reserve the right to change our Cookie Policy at any time. Such changes will appear on this page and are effective immediately.

Disabling/Enabling Cookies.

You have the ability to consent to or decline cookies by modifying the settings in your browser. However, you may not be able to use all the interactive features of our site if cookies are disabled.

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