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About Allium Money

Allium has a very clear focus on lending to improve the home, making it more efficient and more enjoyable. 

Energy & Renewables
  • Loans that enable consumers to make their homes more green and energy efficient

  • Loans for potential products include: 

    • Battery storage

    • Energy efficient heating solutions e.g. air source heat pumps, insulation, boilers etc 

    • Solar panels 

    • New innovative solutions such as EV charging

Home Improvements
  • Typically loans provided at point of sale for installed home improvements. Includes a variety of products, such as replacement windows, conservatories etc. 

  • Working directly with retailers and through brokers

  • Over 100 existing retailer realtionships

Holiday Ownership
  • Focus on the UK holiday ownership market

  • Working directly with retailers and through brokers

  • Strong relations with the end resorts and over 10 years experience of supporting this sector

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